Friday, January 2, 2009

Facts About Malaysia

Located at South East Asia

Population: 25 million

Key Languages: Malay, Chinese
Indian, English, Arabic & etc

Economic Base: Manufacturing,
Tourism, Agriculture, Services

Administrative Center: Putrajaya

National Capital: Kuala Lumpur

Stock Exchange: Bursa Malaysia

Currency: Ringgit (RM)

Popular Sports: Soccer, Badminton,
Tennis, Squash, Bowling,
Takraw, Silat, Hockey, Swimming & etc

Popular Brands: Proton, TM, Maxis, Celcom, Petronas, TV3, KLCC, RTM, UKM, UiTM and others

Tourist Destinations: KLCC (the highest twin towers of the world), Masjid Negara, Masjid Putrajaya, Zoo Negara, KL Tower, beaches and islands around the country

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